Government News

  • Nuisance Calls On the Way Out?

    A company responsible for bombarding people with millions of nuisance calls has been fined £850,000 by the Claims Management Regulator.…

  • George Osborne Destroys Renewables

     George Osborne has been accused of being responsible for significant damage to the renewables sector, with the activities of the…

  • Energy Blackouts!!!!!

    The risk of blackouts this winter has increased compared with a year ago, according to National Grid. It says the…

  • Green Deal Initative

    What you need to know about the Green Deal

    As a registered Green Deal Assessor Organisation, here at the A Ward Group, we really believe in covering our carbon…

  • Green Deal Solutions

    How you can earn money towards your bills from government incentives

    Sometimes, we can feel like we’re constantly paying out when it comes to energy bills, and gaining anything back is…


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