• New boiler controls

    5 myths about heating and hot water

    If you’re using your thermostat wrongly, you are probably contributing to your rising energy bills and paying more money than…

  • 4 ways you can be more ‘green’ in 2015

    More and more people are starting to think about becoming green, and looking for ways in which they can change…

  • New Boiler

    New Year, New Boiler!

    January – it’s the time of year for reflecting on the past and thinking about how to make changes for…

  • Green Deal Solutions

    How you can earn money towards your bills from government incentives

    Sometimes, we can feel like we’re constantly paying out when it comes to energy bills, and gaining anything back is…

  • North East Boilers

    How a new boiler can improve your home

    It’s that time of year again, where winter has well and truly arrived with a vengeance, and if you haven’t…

  • green deal north east

    Worried about staying warm this winter?

    As the nights get darker and the temperature drops, we know how concerning the prospect of turning your heating up…


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