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  • Renewable Heating Conman Convicted!!!!

            Sacha Dixey Mr Dixey, 39, from 2 Mayfield Close Bognor Regis, charged customers up to £17,000…

  • Green Energy Working….

    She’s the Oxford physics graduate who has just become one of the most powerful women in the UK energy industry…

  • Government Folly……Again

    Talk about a rock and a hard place, this is exactly where Osborne and this “anti-clean energy government” are putting…

  • Boilers & Cookers to go

    MILLIONS of British families are being warned they will be forced to scrap gas cookers, boilers and fires so the…

  • Green Deal Myths Explained !!!

    It’s called the Green Deal. But in reality, it’s a way of paying for the cost of double glazing, solid…

  • Testimonial

    British Gas criticised over 5% cut to gas bills

    British Gas has been criticised, despite announcing a 5% cut in gas bills, which will save the average customer £35…

  • central heating

    British Gas “New Hive Thermostat”…

    British Gas has updated its range of Hive “smart home” products, with a new thermostat as the centrepiece. The company…

  • 4 ways you can be more ‘green’ in 2015

    More and more people are starting to think about becoming green, and looking for ways in which they can change…


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