George Osborne Destroys Renewables

George Osborne Destroys Renewables
March 12, 2016 admin
 George Osborne has been accused of being responsible for significant damage to the renewables sector, with the activities of the Treasury described as ‘entirely pernicious’George Osborne




Leading figures from the UK solar industry have rounded on George Osborne and claimed he is responsible for the “incredible destruction” being experienced throughout the renewables sector.

Several delegates who attended the Solar Trade Association’s (STA) ‘What is the impact of solar and wind on electricity prices?’ event yesterday openly attacked the chancellor and his department’s influence over energy policy. Almost all of the event’s speakers bypassed the Department of Energy and Climate Change entirely when discussing the policy announcements since May, laying the blame for subsidy cuts and the removal of carbon reduction policy squarely on No. 11’s doorstep.

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