Government Folly……Again

Government Folly……Again
March 18, 2016 admin

Talk about a rock and a hard place, this is exactly where Osborne and this “anti-clean energy government” are putting us!

Hinckley Point





Working on today’s figures it’s hard to figure out exactly how much we are going to end up paying for the ridiculous decisions being forced upon us by this government with their determination to push ahead with Fracking and in particular with Hinkley Point C Nuclear plant, but one things for sure, we are all going to pay, one way or another because “we’re all in this together”.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the project at Hinkley Point gets under way, which it looks like it will with Osborne determined to drag in investment from China, or, in fact anybody that is willing to fund the creation of this monstrosity of a plan.

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