Green Deal Myths Explained !!!

Green Deal Myths Explained !!!
July 21, 2015 admin

It’s called the Green Deal. But in reality, it’s a way of paying for the cost of double glazing, solid wall insulation, boiler upgrades and much more from the projected savings you’ll make on energy bills.

It’s complex, but for many living in England, Wales & Scotland it could pay off very well. This guide explains how it works, what it’s best for, how the Home Improvement Fund works and more.

19 tips on the Green Deal, including…

The Green Deal gives special ‘loans’ or grants to improve your home to cut energy bills. You needn’t be on a low income – anyone can apply

Energy efficiency isn’t just about group hugs, sandals and saving the planet. It can save you £100s each year on your gas and electricity bills and, just as importantly, make your home a more pleasant place to live in…………

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