Green Energy Working….

Green Energy Working….
March 21, 2016 admin

She’s the Oxford physics graduate who has just become one of the most powerful women in the UK energy industry after striking a deal that could bring her company Good Energy tens of thousands of new customers.

But Juliet Davenport, who has an OBE and describes herself as a “rebel within the establishment”, has revealed that she may never have become an eco-energy pioneer without the inspiration of former TV weather man Michael Fish.







“I had an eco-eureka moment during the 1987 storm, where Mr Fish, who used to wear amazing funky jumpers, got that phone call from the woman telling him there was a hurricane hitting the south of England and he told her not to be so silly,” Ms Davenport said in an interview with The Independent.

In his infamous bulletin, the forecaster confidently reassured the caller that no hurricane was on the way. That evening the worst storm to hit South-east England for three centuries caused record damage and killed 19 people.

“I was studying atmospheric physics at the time and understanding why he got it so wrong. I was beginning to understand the balance we have in our atmosphere and the relationship we, as humanity, have with our atmosphere,” Ms Davenport, 47, said.

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