Dry Lining

Dry Lining

If you’re looking for fast plastering services, then you may consider our dry lining installations. Not only do we offer fast installation times, we can modify our service to provide additional benefits such as fire deterrents and sound reductions. No matter what dry lining services you may require, our experts are here to help. Contact us today for a free no-obligation service quote.

Drywall Installations

Dry lining materials tend to dry far quicker than standard plastering materials. This means the overall installation process is much simpler, and we can have it sorted out before you know it. Furthermore, it can provide insulation advantages with its traditional counterparts which are unable to match. To learn more about the comparisons between drylining and plastering, get in contact with our team for professional advice.

Fire Resistance & Sound Reduction

Along with simple installations, dry lining can also provide several other benefits, depending on your choice of materials. For example, you may consider our range of fire-resistant boards. Due to their unique insulation, this boarding can be applied to walls and ceiling lining to further protect your property in the case of fires.

In addition, we also have dry lining options for those looking to minimise noise from the outside world. This insulation can help reduce noise from travelling too freely, both in and out of your property. If you are interested in learning more about the unique benefits we can offer for our dry lining services, feel free to get in touch for further details.

Suspended Ceilings & Room Partitions

Our plaster boards can also be repurposed for multiple uses within the construction or renovation of buildings. For example, you may consider using drywall to quickly construct partitions within your home or business. This can come in handy when looking to utilise your office space, or divide your residence into additional rooms.

Dry lining also makes a great asset for those interested in suspended ceilings. The advantages of these arrangements include light reflectance, humidity resistance, and sound absorption. Although most commonly used within commercial builds, they can also make great additions to residential properties as well, such as in your kitchen or conservatory.

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