Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Windows

February 6, 2024
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Is your property in need of new uPVC windows? The material is durable, looks great and is simple to maintain. If you’ve noticed anything wrong with your old frames, then it’s important to act fast.

Underperforming windows can cause knock-on effects with your home. If they’re not doing their job, they can bring uncomfortable temperatures and negatively impact your energy bills. Here are just some signs that you should think about upgrading.  

Old Age

If you have old frames, then it’s really important that they are replaced. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and they will deteriorate over time. The performance and efficiency will gradually decrease with age. Typically, with the right installation and maintenance, some frames and panes can last for around 20-30 years. Upgrading them to uPVC windows will ensure that they are thermally efficient and look great.

Any Obvious Damage

If your current frames exhibit any cracks, faulty mechanisms or obvious damage, then it’s definitely time to upgrade to new uPVC windows. Damage means there are weaknesses present, and this will impact the performance of the unit. Whilst in some cases these can be repaired, if they are beyond fixing then it’s important to invest in new structures.

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Change In Temperatures

Do you feel a drop in temperature when you’re next to a window in your property? This is a sign that your windows are not performing efficiently. If you are experiencing draughts in your home or business, consider installing new uPVC windows. An air leak indicates a failure or deterioration somewhere in the unit, so it should get sorted out as soon as possible. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it could also impact your energy bills.

Misted uPVC Windows

Misting is an issue that can be common with double glazing. It occurs when there’s a fault that compromises the integrity of the unit. Misting is essentially condensation that occurs inside the two panes. This area should be clear of any moisture, as the sealed unit is what provides insulation for your home. Sometimes this can be fixed, but if not, you should seek new uPVC windows.

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